Far away she goes

‘A new guy everyday’ she heard as she passed their way
Tear her wings apart,when she can’t fly ,
let her sulk and die .
Shut her in her room  . better Dead than disgrace
As she bares all of it
You just walk away
She looks at all the Happy faces around
And enacts the same way
Like you bother,if she died in her mind anyway
As tears trickle down her face
She imagines a bright beautiful day
But lest she knows
She would be shattered by the end of it
What if you told her you loved her anyway
Those broken pieces of her heart you would join them one day
But you look around and think what people would say
Should have not let her do that
Should have not let her go there
You tell yourself
Yesterday they pointed you’re lenient for letting her go astray
I can’t do anything, you think, as she sits crying beside you
maybe your ‘am here’ would work wonders for her in many way
She tries to push you away from the mess she is
And you give in and walk more far away
You find her when you need . Always there when you plead .wish she knew why you found her was for your needs
As she Walks  into darkness . You watch her from the light
As she closes all the doors to reach her . You entertain yourself on the couch in a better way .
As  she held , what she thought could take her far away
She still thinks pain would’ve vanished if you had told her someday
Till her last breath she sucked all your pain away
‘ Don’t be stupid clay ‘ she wrote as she died anyway

WRITERS NOTE – A little piece of writing I worked on …. The idea to write this flashed to me … When I was dozing off in the examination hall . Well atleast there was some successive outcome unlike the math problems which I didn’t find answers for .hope I can write more beautiful stuffs in the future . *Copyrights reserved *

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